Sebastian started playing guitar at the age of 10.
After practising for a couple of years he joined the schoolband Sixpack, this was also when he wrote his first song (luckily it's buried in oblivian).

In the mid nineties adventure called and Sebastian tried his luck as a streetmusician. This ment living in everything from old Wartburg cars to homeless shelters around Europe.
Since then the acoustic guitar has never left him and he has been playing the cruiseships between Sweden and Finland and in pubs around his native Finland.

Sebastian's voice has been called a mix of Ian Anderson's and Michael Stipe's. The music is thought provocing, sometimes political, alternative rock. Sometimes his brain receives signals from space and force him to make poetical songs aswell.

Sebastian is also a member of and the founding father of the band MoonfreaK.

Sebastian also performs totally unplugged.
To have him come play for you visit STARPOINT.FI and make them an offer.