The record (now called "Indeed") will soon be out!
In the meantime I'll be sneaking around Mordor messing with orchs. ;-)


Keeping it simple...

My new record is slowly getting closer to being finished.
I've recorded 8 songs now and will probably add 2 -3 more.
I haven't decided what the album title will be yet, I am open for suggestions.
The working name…

A slight writer's block.

Gone are the days when I used to write 3 - 5 songs a week. In those days I wrote songs at a frantic pace, mostly bad ones, but every second month I'd come up with something I didn't hate…

Tulips live now!

Now Tulips is finally live, here's the spotify link:

It's also available on itunes and almost every other online music service.
Have happiness.


Tulips delayed it seems.

It seems like the album Tulips is delayed. Don't know for how long because imusician digital don't answer e-mails at the moment. :(
But hopefully it will available soon.



My next album will be in online-shops and spotify etc. sometime after the 4th of februari.
I've decided to skip the physical CD this time and the music will only be available as stream and/or download .

Anyway it's titled…

Filthy Goo

 To avoid confusion with my music being mixed up with other people named "Sebastian" I'm thinking about adding something to my artist name. Perhaps something like "Sebastian's Filthy Goo" or "The Putrid Slime Of Sebastian".

I am open for…


 It would be nice to start a band that plays 80% covers and 20% original material.
I'm currently working with a booking company when playing acoustic stuff so atleast we should get some gigs.

The more success we…

The progress is slow.

I'm writing and recording some new stuff but it will be a slow process. I will perhaps use real drums and recording and mixing automatically becomes a little time consuming.You people can always check...

Anti Marketing

I've decided to publish some old demo songs, the back-catalog album "Walking The Lobster..".Some of the songs are good, some are not and all of them are kinda lo:fi. I was really not so good at the wh...